Senior Center Without Walls


Senior Center Without WallsBrain Aerobics? On the Telephone?

Yes! Or if you prefer, how about Play Reading, Bird Watching, or a Vision Support Group? This is a unique and free program for homebound elders in Northern California called Senior Center Without Walls.

Hmm, Sounds Interesting. How Does it Work?

All of the activities take place on the telephone with participants calling in from their own homes. When you register with Senior Center Without Walls, you get a special toll-free number to call at the times your chosen groups are scheduled to meet.

A recorded voice will then promt you to enter a code number, and you'll punch in the two-digit code which is also provided. This connects you to the group conference call and allows the group to talk to each other, much like the old party lines. Check out their site online or call SCWW toll-free 1.877.797.7299

Enjoy an EAudio Experience

While you're waiting for your next appointment, check out one of our skill building audio ebooks from the comfort of your own home, like Improve Your Memory: Proven Techniques to Maximize Your Brain Power Immediately by Gary Small.

Have fun and remember more!


Author Bio:

Reeba Lynn is a Pacifica Public Services Librarian who has been a resident of Pacifica for 30 years.

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