Evie's Music Picks of 2009


Los Amigos Invisibles playing in AustinLos Amigos Invisibles is a band from Venezuela with a sound all their own. They play a mix of funk, disco, and latin rhythms with very tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Songs from their most recent album titled Commercial that I have on repeat on my iPod are "Vivire Para Ti", "Burrundanga", and "Oyeme Nena".

Recordings Are Great, Live Shows Are Not
To Be Believed

If you have an opportunity to see Los Amigos perform in person, don't hesitate because they are even better live!

Another album that I could not get enough of in '09 was Mos Def's The Ecstatic. This album is classic Mos Def. Some of my favorite tracks are "Auditorium", "Casa Bey", and "History" (just to name a few).

Anyone catch Mos Def performing his Black on Both Sides album live in its entirety a few months ago in San Francisco? I'm jealous!

I could go on and on about all the great music that came out in 2009 . . . these two are just my stand outs.

What Are Your Picks?

Let me know what you think . . . I wanna hear! No pun intended. Well, maybe . . .

Author Bio:

Evie D., a Bay Area native, works as a Library Assistant at the Foster City Library. She enjoys filling her iPod with new music from the library collection. She obsesses over handbags, live music, and independent films.


Absolutely mexcellent

Absolutely mexcellent suggestions! Keep them coming, my iPod needs refreshing!

I am only familiar with their

I am only familiar with their earlier albums, and for some reason, they had fallen off of my radar. Thanks for reminding me, and I agree: they are pretty cool!!!

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