What a Time It Was!


Photo of paddle to Mavericks by Robert ScobleThis year's Mavericks surf competition was held on Sunday, January 20th. For more information and fantastic coverage, check this website.  Here are some other ways to learn about this unique sporting competition and enjoy some breathtaking images.

A good place to start is Inside Maverick’s: A Portrait of a Monster. Following close behind is Maverick’s: The Story of Big Wave Surfing.

For some great video moments, be sure to watch Mavericks Surf Contest 2005, and, most recently, a not too bad dramatization, Chasing Mavericks, which has just come out on DVD and should be available in the library system soon.

This is one of those events that once again highlights the special qualities of the San Mateo County Coast.

Photo credit: Robert Scoble


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a Public Services Librarian at Half Moon Bay Library, a place where there are "surfer dudes," "fisher dudes," and a "library dude."

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