Downton Abbey Culture in 90 Minutes!


Join us at Woodside Library on Saturday, January 12 at 1 PM for a special Downton Abbey event with Professor DiAnn Ellis (Emerita – San Francisco State University). Professor Ellis’ 90 minute presentation will provide historical and social context for PBS’ popular Downton Abbey television series. The program will be followed by a question and answer session (not to mention tea and cookies).

Photo of Downton Abbey cast.Some Preparatory Viewing…

You may have seen Part I of this blog, listing the books Professor Ellis used for verification of details for her presentation. Here you’ll find DVDs to provide additional insight, all of which are available through the library system.

From Professor DiAnn Ellis, “DVDs for Better Understanding of Historical Background” (to Downton Abbey) © DiAnn Ellis 2012

Brideshead Revisited
From the novel by Evelyn Waugh.

Churchill’s Bodyguard

Downton Abbey, Season 1

Downton Abbey, Season 2

Edward the King

Gosford Park

Joyeux Noel

Lincoln and the Civil War

North and South 
From the novel by John Jakes (good for representation of life during the American Civil War).

North & South
From the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell (industrial revolution in England; social Divide).

Paris, the Luminous Years
Artists, composers, Ballet Russes dance, choreographers, literature, theater, fashion in Paris.

The Age of Innocence
From the novel by Edith Wharton.

The Buccaneers
From the novel by Edith Wharton

The Young Victoria
(Sentimental in terms of relationship)

Titanic 100th Anniversary Collection

Titanic: The Definitive Documentary Collection

World War I: The Great War


Author Bio:

Karen Y. is a Downton Abbey fan, but her friend DiAnn Ellis is way more involved. However, Karen Y. will be wearing lace and gloves and a hat on January 12 in the spirit of Downton Abbey.


Forsyte Saga

The 2002 PBS series The Forsyte Saga is great too. It's available at the library. Make sure to get the 2002 version.

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