The Child Marriage of a Little Girl in Yemen


Marriage is a Scary Thing for a Child

Photo of Nujood Ali.Nujood Ali was ten years old when she was married off by her father to a much older man, who promised her family that he would not bed her until she turns 17. He lied to them. On their wedding night, the man took her virginity. Over the next few weeks he proceeded to beat her and rape her, until she finally managed to get up the courage to run away.

Nujood went straight to the court house where she waited hours to see a judge and asked for a divorce. The judge was shocked that a girl so young was not only married, but asking for a divorce. After much debate and numerous lies by the defense, Nujood was granted her divorce.

What Happened to Her Next?

Through donations, Nujood was given enough money to help her family live more comfortably. She was also able to resume her schooling. In 2008, Nujood was named Glamour Magazine's "Woman of the Year."

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Read more about Nujood Ali’s struggles and triumphs in I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced.


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