A Blast from the Past


Two DVDs and one book to transport readers and viewers back to earlier times.

Sputnik ManiaGetting Started

The DVD Sputnik Mania is full of interesting historical facts about the Sputnik era. A friend of mine was born the day that Sputnik was launched. His parents almost named him Sputnik, but luckily they decided on Eric.

Chalkdust Memories Classic Classroom FilmsContinuing with Reels of Educational Films

Chalkdust Memories is both somewhat scary and inadvertently funny. The serious tone of the instructional films seemed so over the top as to be hilarious. Watching that DVD took me back to those elementary and secondary school days when seeing a film projector in the classroom filled a student with such joy.

Interior Desecrations : Hideous Homes From The Horrible 70's by James LileksFinally: Taste is in the Eye of the Beholder

The final item is a book called Interior Desecrations. For those who lived through the 70's, it is such an aptly named book. Turn the pages and groan and say "Ew" and remember how happy your parents were when they purchased that shag rug and painted the house in hideous colors. Thank goodness we all survived.

So take a trip back in time and watch the DVD's and read the book and be glad it's all safely in the past.


Author Bio:

Mary Wilmes is a library assistant at Half Moon Bay Library. She seems healthy, happy and unscarred, in spite of the orange rust shag rug and the avocado kitchen appliances of her youth.

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