Religious Music in the Library


Photo of music sheet by Brandon Giesbrecht.Looking for religious music in the library? We have a diverse collection of religious and sacred music on our shelves. So whatever your faith or musical interest, we likely have something for you.

We have Christian music, both Gospel and Contemporary Christian, under “Religious.” Try these recent discs:

Want to hear a recording of Hindu chants? Look in the “New Age” or “International” sections for ones like:

Searching for a Mass? It’s probably in the “Classical” section:

Music for the Jewish Sabbath? Find it in the “International” section:

Songs of the Native American Church are on the “Folk” shelves:

This is just a selection. So, explore!

Photo credit: Brandon Giesbrecht


Author Bio:

Vaughn Harrison works at the Half Moon Bay Library and goes out on the Bookmobile.

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