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Do you fight with your mate about who ate the last piece of pizza? Do you curse each other out for using all the soap and finishing off the toothpaste?

What about when one of you shouts to the other about how selfish they are just because you didn’t share the last drop of Kool-Aid that couldn’t even quench an ant’s thirst.

Pay Attention to Those Old Married Couples that Still Kiss and Hold Hands

Photo of elderly couple holding hands by .through my eyes.I am sure that we have all been through the routine of trying to stay in love with a person. Even older couples that have been married for decades have their share of hell on earth with each other. Think about why those relationships can be so happy for many years. It takes qualities like compromise, respect, and selflessness.

Let’s Figure out What it Takes to be in a Relationship According to Doctor Bobby ;-)

  1. Always remind yourself why you love the other person.
  2. Talk about what your definition of love is to one another.
  3. Can you love this person like you love your very own soul?
  4. Are your arguments stupid and petty? Is it worth going to bed angry?
  5. If the other person is worth loving then shut up, listen and always agree even if you have to agree to disagree.
  6. Don’t let your ego start and finish every problem.
  7. Share the Kool-Aid!

The World has Enough Evil and It Does Not Need More

The news does a good job of reminding us about the crazy things that go on in the world, especially now with the theater shooting in Colorado. In times like these we should spread the love not the hatred.

Make sure after you read this blog to grab a family member or stranger and say those three words,”I love you”.

Make an effort to understand what it takes to love. Also, check out these good reads.

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Bobby Reed, of course, is not a real doctor, but he thinks he is. Come to the Atherton library to get your diagnosis today!

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