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Poster for Breaking Bad from AMC website.After 4 seasons, it comes down to 16 final episodes. The transformation of Walter White from naive-yet-brilliant high school chemistry teacher to... what exactly?... is almost complete. Season 5, the final one, begins in mid July. And is bittersweet for many fans, like me, who will be sad to see this thrilling story come to an end.

In a Few Words

I’m talking about Breaking Bad, the incredibly addictive television show about a terminally ill teacher with a pregnant wife, a high-school-aged son, and mounting health care debt. Pushed by his terminal disease and the perception that he must find a way to care for his family, he decides that a brief career as a methamphetamine manufacturer could provide a monetary reward that would assist his family after his impending death. But you know what is said about “the best laid plans of mice and men...”.

Just a Few Reasons to Watch

Walter White is ably (and Emmy-winningly) played by Brian Cranston. You might remember him from Seinfeld as Dr. Tim Whatley (Elaine: “I’m going to the Super Bowl with Tim Whatley”), or as Malcolm’s father in Malcolm in the Middle. He is superb in this show, which is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The cinematography really shows off the New Mexico sky and desert, and each episode is beautifully shot. The production quality is top-notch (this is no sitcom with recycled sets), and much of it seems to be shot on location.


The creators even commissioned a real narcocorrido band to write a song about “Heisenberg,” which opened, in its entirety, an episode in season 2. I’ve never seen a major series open with 3+ minutes of a Spanish song, and it must have felt like a huge risk, but comes off as entirely authentic, and adds a great flavor to the episode.

Any fan of intense, creative, rule-breaking television would do good by watching Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad at the Library

And fret not: if you’re behind, you can catch up with all four previous seasons here at the library.

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Alejandro Gallegos wishes he could watch all of season five in one day, starting now.

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