An Interview with SMCL’s Alejandro Gallegos


Photo of Alejandro Gallegos.

This interview series gives us the chance to get to know the unique and talented individuals who make SMCL so wonderful! Today we shine a spotlight on Alejandro Gallegos, from San Jose, CA.

What Inspired You to Work in Libraries?

"I started working as a library page/aide in college, and I really liked the public library environment and mission. I think I was drawn to the interaction between a library and its community."

What Do You Do at SMCL and Where Can We Find You?

"You can currently find me at the East Palo Alto Library. I do a bit of everything. Storytimes, reference, circulation, class visits, crafts…"

(Note: Check our online calendar of events to find out when you can join in on the craft and storytime fun!)

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

"I really enjoy working with our patrons and my coworkers. I look forward to coming to work each day because of them. I’ve enjoyed that as our institution has become more service oriented, we are having more and more interactions with our patrons, and they are more and more comfortable coming to us for assistance."

What Would You Tell People About Libraries That They Might Not Know?

"We WANT to assist you, however we can."

What Are You an (Un)Official Expert On?

"Surfing on the Internet."

What Are Your Hobbies?

"I enjoy photography and playing around with [Adobe] Photoshop."

(Note: Interested in learning Photoshop? There's an upcoming beginner's workshop at San Carlos Library.)

What Book, Movie, and Album Would You Take With You to a Deserted Island?

"The book I’d take is Crime and Punishment, although I’d probably die or be rescued before I finished it. Plus, it’s Dostoyevsky, ‘nuff said.

I would take a season of Arrested Development, the TV show, or all three seasons if they would fit in my palm-frond
swimming trunks.

I don’t ever not laugh at this show. Out loud.

I’d probably take any later Beatles album or any Flaming Lips album. Either way, I’d be able to sing along pretty well (if you know me, you know I have a gorgeous, mellifluous singing voice)."

Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Character of All Time?

"Maybe Yossarian from Catch-22. That book is ab-SURD!"

If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

"The power to eat-as-much-as-I-want-and-not-gain-weight. That explains itself, right? Hold on, that sounds potentially vain. I’ll go with 'invisibility.'"

What is Your Go-To Dessert?

"Anything baked, crumbly, and fruity. Maybe with ice cream."

In One Word, What Do Libraries Mean to You?


Photo credit: Alejandro Gallegos


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Intern Anthony Andora enjoys surfing on the Internet and singing along to songs, too.


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