The Biggest Waves


Photo of sirfers on big wave by Robert Scoble.The window for the Mavericks Surf Competition is now open. At any time, a 24 hour warning can go out that will alert registered participants that one of the world's most famous surfing contests is on.

History of Mavericks

To get some idea of what's involved there are a couple of books Inside Mavericks: A Portrait of a Monster Wave and Maverick's : The Story Of Big-wave Surfing. There is also a pretty dramatic video called Mavericks Surf Contest 2005. The official web site is Mavericks Invitational.

Keep Track

If you have an iPad, there is a free Marvericks app at the App Store. On the day of the event the beaches and bluffs will be off limits. A special celebration and viewing will be at the Oceano Hotel in Princeton with parking at Half Moon Bay Airport. Tickets for this event start at $25.00. You should be able to view the surfing at the website or on the app.

Photo credit: Robert Scoble


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