Smells Like Teen Spirit


COOP 1993 Nirvana & Butthole Surfers at Forum Print.

Full Circle

While working at the library the other day, a group of teens came in after school to do their homework. This particular day, I felt a strong sense of deja vu: standing before me was a kid in a Nirvana t-shirt with streaks of pink hair. It was kinda freaky, like I was looking at myself in the mirror in 1993. Granted, she had way better hair than I did back then, but wow, was I tempted to tell her all about going to see Nirvana live at the LA Forum when I was her age.

I restrained myself.

20 Years Later

It turns out this year marks the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, the album that hurled Nirvana into the spotlight. The Daily Show's Jon Stewart is going to host a special Nirvana reunion show on SiriusXM radio on September 24, and tons of people from celebrities like Joseph Gordon Levitt to reggae bands are offering Nirvana cover songs and Rolling Stone published a huge write-up about the history of the record and its new reissue coming out September 27.

Look Back

Why stop at Nevermind? Go back and listen to it all, from their first full-length, Bleach to their infamous set on MTV Unplugged.



In Bloom

Here's an old favorite: the music video for "In Bloom," directed by Kevin Kerslake. Trivia: The host at who introduces them is another '90s staple, the late Doug Llewelyn of The People's Court television show.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy was wildly obsessed with music as a teen. She still kinda is.

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