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Flavor Flav : The Icon, The Memoir by Flavor FlavLooking Back

Public Enemy hype man Flavor Flav recently authored Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir, a conversationally written, often humorous look back on his life in hip hop and on reality television. Flav takes readers back to the early days of his music career, answering many interesting questions such as:

How'd he get his moniker? (He has a sweet tooth.)

Where did the idea of the clock come from? (It started out as a dare.)

Just how important was Flav to Public Enemy? (They almost refused to sign a contract when Def Jam questioned his role in the group.)

He goes on to describe Public Enemy's rise to fame and his subsequent drug problems. Along the way, he shares many anecdotes and personal revelations. It's a quick read, and worth the time for any hip hop fan.

Photo of chicken cacciatore.

Chef Flavor Flav's Recipes

At the very end of the book, Flavor Flav shares some of his recipes. I'd heard about Flav's Fried Chicken, his short-lived restaurant in Iowa. So I was curious to try out the recipes in his book.

Flavor Flav's Famous recipes include: pepper steak, cheddar and penne, chicken cacciatore, and Mamma Mia (pasta) sauce. I went with the cacciatore recipe. It was simple enough, taking less than an hour to make and very, well, flavorful. It contained a good balance of fresh vegetables and tasty chicken. Serve it up on some pasta and you've got a pretty good meal.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy enjoys trying new recipes on long, lazy weekend days.

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