The Importance of Women's Intuition


A Lesson In Secrets : A Maisie Dobbs Novel by Jacqueline Winspear

The British Classic Style

Maisie Dobbs and Cordelia Gray are two famous young ladies living both in London and owners of their own detective agencies. Maisie Dobbs appears in Jacqueline Winspear's mystery series: former nurse, with a degree in psychology, Maisie is also a bright investigator who tackles cases connected with WWI events. Cordelia is the heroine of P.D. James novels: she was educated in a convent and inherits her father's agency and mentoring in investigation.

American Women: Tough and Fierce

Not quite exhibiting the same style, Lindsay Boxer and Abby Sinclair will sweep you off your feet when you read about their tours de force. Lindsay is James Patterson's main character in his Women's Murder Club mysteries starting with "1st to die" in 2001 and now reaching "10th anniversary". A sociology major from SF State, she works for SFPD Homicide and also uses her athletic hobbies ( running, tai-chi) in her dangerous job. Abby appears in Michael Prescott's riveting, nerve-wracking thrillers. She is an LA private operative, a commanding heroine, who do not hesitate to stalk stalkers and confront fiends. She is a borderline vigilante because of her fearlessness and drastic methods.

Mature Expertise at his Best

Harmless little old ladies who never have to resort to violence are sometimes the shrewdest detectives. They may solve mysteries embarrassing the "pros" using their knowledge of human nature and their wise principles of life.
Miss Marple, Agatha's Christie's famous heroine, is an old spinster living in a small British village and acting as an amateur detective. Dressed in tweed, always knitting or gardening, she'll fool the most vicious villains. So will Sister Carol Ann O'Marie's sleuth, Sister Mary Ellen, who is a catholic nun who meddles with murder inquests in San Francisco. The most famous titles are The Missing Madonna and Death of an Angel.

The Power of Kindness

Two warmhearted, compassionate, "traditionally built" ladies have a leading role in the world of fictional investigation: Precious Ramotswe ( owner of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency from Alexander McCall Smith) and Bretta Salomon (florist, in Janis Harrison gardening mysteries). Both need lots of comfort food to help them solve enigmas, especially donuts, tea and hot chocolate. Their problem solving skills and sharp logical minds are more fruitful than their useless efforts to go on a diet.

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