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Photo of travelers stuck at JFK Airport by juliegomollAll three of our summer reading programs this year have a travel theme with the emphasis on fun, exploration, and rewarding experiences. I've never been one to miss looking at the dark side of an issue--so let me offer a look at a few authors or resources who will give you a somewhat different perspective on this travel business from. 

Some Don'ts

First, take a look at Peter Greenberg's Don't Go There. Greenberg "The Travel Detective" alerts the would be traveler to people, places, and things they'd really want to avoid.

Some of the world's great travel writers offer their perspectives in I Should Have Stayed Home. There are some places that even Rick Steves finds beyond redemption.

For a decidedly offbeat look at travel in what we used to refer as the "Third World" there is How to Make Friends and Oppress People: Classic Travel Advice for the Gentleman Adventurer.  

Cinematic Travel

Whether you call it a holiday or a pilgrimage there are also motion pictures to add to the weirdness. A classic is Mr. Hulot's Holiday or, for the really offbeat Luis Buñuel's The Milky Way. For the very latest information on wretched travel experiences you could do worse than consult yelp.

Good luck. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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Joe Toschik is a Public Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay.


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Your dry, wry comments made me laugh out loud.  And I'm just about to fly out of SFO to the East Coast and Canada - but I've been warned...

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