Have You Ever Wanted to Learn to Play Guitar?


Photo of man playing guitar by mathias-erhartWell, now you can! Starting June 15th, the East Palo Alto Library, with a grant made possible by InfoPeople, will have 15 guitars available for check out to the residents of East Palo Alto.

Yes, You Will Be Able To Check Out Guitars

You can get these guitars for free, for up to eight weeks at a time with your library card. These guitars are made by Hohner and are classical guitars that come with a case, tuner, picks, and everything you need to start playing right now!

And Lessons!

Throughout those eight weeks, we are also going to offer group lessons by our local teacher Justin Phipps every Wednesday at 3:00pm at the community center at the EPA YMCA. Justin has many years of guitar instruction experience and teaches lessons at many of the local elementary and middle schools. Justin is also a member of the reggae roots rock band The Vintage Music Collective who will also be performing this summer!

What Do I Have to Do?

Getting a guitar from the East Palo Alto Library is easy! All you have to do is fill out (or have your parents fill-out) the guitar loan agreement and you can have the guitars for all eight weeks! Library accounts must be in good standing, and you or your parents need show ID when signing the Loan Agreement.

When Can I Get One?

While guitars won’t be available until June 15th, you can sign up for the lessons and reserve your guitar today! Just come to the front desk at the EPA library and our staff will help you out.

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