A Different Kind of Ka-Pow!


I'm stoked to recommend some recently published adult graphic novels that span all kinds of topics -- aliens, romance, revenge, zombies, and spies. These aren't superhero comics (as Robin Brenner would say: No Flying, No Tights), but they do pack enough punch to keep both comics readers and traditional readers riveted.

X'ed Out by Charles BurnsDreams

X’ed Out by Charles Burns – If you loved Black Hole, you’ll dig this new story by Charles Burns. The first part of a series, X’ed Out introduces us to Doug, a young guy who’s treading the line between reality and a strange, alien world. Whether awake or dreaming, he’s doomed to face various grisly and horrific scenarios. Mysterious and off-kilter, this series promises to be surrealist comics at its best.

Only the Lonely

Mister Wonderful: A Love Story by Daniel Clowes - Every anxiety about dating is presented with humor, hope, frustration, and wild desperation in this graphic novel from the author of Ghost World. Middle-aged Marshall and Natalie, two imperfect human beings, are set up on a blind date that goes fairly well--until an old flame, a robbery, and a broken arm threaten their budding romance.

The Outfit : A Graphic Novel by Darwyn Cooke

Ring of Fire

The Hunter: A Graphic Novel and The Outfit: A Graphic Novel, written by Richard Stark; Adapted and Illustrated by Darwyn Cooke; Edited by Scott Dunbier – Veteran comics writer and illustrator Darwyn Cooke did a masterful job adapting the first two books in Richard Stark’s violent and gritty Parker series.
View an online preview of The Hunter: A Graphic Novel.

She's Not There

The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, et al. - Check out new installations of this zombies/survival series and catch The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season on DVD.

Preacher Man

Shepherd’s Tale by Joss Whedon and Zack Whedon – One of the big mysteries that was never revealed on the Firefly  and Serenity sci-fi Western tv/film series was the background of religious character Shepherd. He was surprisingly good with guns for a preacher man. This story, written by Zack Whedon (based on story and notes by original creator Joss Whedon), gives Browncoats all the details of Shepherd’s life story.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the Youth Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay.


Graphic Novels should get more attention!

I really enjoyed this blog posting! I am a fan of graphic novels and I think it is a medium that should get more attention because they are missing out on a great combination of art and literature. I think most people disregard graphic novels because they feel like they are for teenagers, but there are number of great adult-themed graphic novels out there and I'm glad that this posting highlights them. Some of the stories are incredible, for example, I have read The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman and he has managed to keep me riveted with the story of survival during a zombie epidemic. I haven't read any of the other ones on this list, but I am eager to check out these other recommendations!

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