Why May?


Photo of two women at the 29th Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival by Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival

As many of you know, May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. It began as a Congressional bill that proclaimed the first ten days of May Asian-Pacific Heritage Week. Since then, it has extended to the month of May.

But Why May?

Well, May was chosen to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the U.S. (May 1843) and to commemorate the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 1869), of whom the majority of those who built it were Chinese.

But this month is meant to celebrate all of the cultures in Asia and the Pacific Islands. We’re lucky to live in an area that encompasses so many of these cultures, and the month of May provides another opportunity to learn about and appreciate all of these different Asian-Pacific American cultures.

Growing Up Asian in America

On a related note, every year the Asian Pacific Fund holds an art/essay/poetry contest called Growing Up Asian in America. This provides a unique, creative opportunity for students from K-12 to submit artwork, poems, or essays celebrating the idea of being both Asian and American.

Exhibit at Millbrae

The winning entries are made into traveling exhibits which then tour the Bay Area. This month, the exhibit is being hosted by the Millbrae Library. If you have yet to view it, check it out! There are some great young writers and artists. This will be shown through the end of May.

Photo credit: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival


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Alejandro Gallegos is looking forward to seeing you at the Millbrae exhibit.

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