Third Generation


Photo of prizes at the San Mateo County Fair by TheNicksterWhen I was a child, our county harvest fair was almost better than Christmas. It certainly provided the sweetness in the bittersweet emotions I struggled with as school started and the lazy freedom of summer ended. I’d completely forgotten about this childhood pleasure until last year when several friends and colleagues talked about the fun they’d had at the San Mateo County Fair.

Activities for a Diverse Community

The 2011 San Mateo County Fair, a herald of summer rather than a harbinger of fall, takes place from June 11 through 19. The fair website advertises carnival rides, bands like The Four Tops, contests ranging from cooking to writing, and much more. This year, I won’t miss such a festive way of ushering in the summer.

An Historical Haunt for Local Writers

The San Francisco/Peninsula branch of the California Writer’s Club, founded by Jack London in 1909, will have a booth at the fair. Today’s members are as spirited as London and his cronies were at the turn of the century and their new anthology of poetry and short stories, Fault Zone: Words from the Edge, is as absorbing as London’s classic “To Build a Fire.”  Writer’s Club members will also appear at the Belmont Library on Tuesday, July 26 at 7:00 pm for a public reading and book-selling as part of our adult summer reading program.

Remembrance of Things Past, Celebration of Things Present

There is comfort in the continuity of traditions such as the County Fair, in civic enterprises such as the Public Library, and in longstanding organizations such as the California Writers Club. Join your community this summer at the fair, library or both, and enjoy a host of local writers entertaining us at the dawn of the twenty-first century just as they did at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Photo credit: Nicki Dugan (TheNickster)


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Even though Kathleen B. is a third generation immigrant, the passion for life-long education has not worn off. The public library embodies this ideal in an arena that invites engagement from all ages, ethnicities, and social classes.

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