Escuchen Ya (Listen Up) May 2011


To help get you into the mood for Cinco de Mayo celebrations, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Spanish-language artists for your listening enjoyment. Unlike having to choose the right outfit for a party, these are sure to fit anyone’s listening style. They also go well with margaritas, mojitos and micheladas, in case you were wondering.

Photo of Los Amigos InvisiblesLos Amigos Invisibles

I’ve blogged about Los Amigos Invisibles before, one my favorite bands and definitely a party starter. Great Latin disco-funk rhythms, cheeky lyrics, cute band members, what else do you need?

Café Tacuba

Café Tacuba, like Los Amigos, is a hard band to describe. Mixing elements of alternative rock, punk, and their native Mexican folk music traditions they are generally categorized as rock en español. Take a listen to their most recent release titled Sino, my favorite track is “Volver a comenzar”.


Kinky is another great band out of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico. Their sound is influenced by Latin music with lots of dance and techno grooves. They are currently working on a new album to be released later this year but I always find myself going back to their self-titled debut.


Aterciopelados is a socially-conscious rock band from Bogota, Colombia. This Grammy-nominated duo has been consistently putting out great albums. Request their latest album titled Rio today.

La Sonora Dinamita

For some old school flavor try La Sonora Dinamita, a cumbia band that began their career some 50 years ago in Colombia. Check out a television performance that’s obviously not recent but still fun to watch.


Author Bio:

Evie D. has bittersweet memories of weekends spent cleaning to the likes of La Sonora Santanera, La Sonora Dinamita, and most especially her mom’s favorite, Perez Prado's red-vinyl Mambo record.


How can you watch the video

How can you watch the video and not get up and dance? Love that old school music! Thanks for the fun.

such a variety!

 Does the library actually own any of this?  

funny you should ask...

yes, all of the bands I mentioned above are available for check out at SMCL!

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