Where in the World is Gourmet's Ruth Reichl?


Shocking End to a Beloved Magazine

Ruth ReichlI worried about the 61-year-old editor of Gourmet magazine when her 10 year tenure ended so shockingly with the sudden demise of that notable food journal in October 2009.

After all, I felt I had known Ruth Reichl quite well through her intimate revelations in Tender at the Bone, Comfort Me with Apples, and Garlic and Sapphires. We renewed our acquaintance in the bittersweet pages of Not Becoming My Mother and Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way, recently published in 2009.

 Gourmet Editor Tweets!

Imagine my surprise upon learning that Ruth Reichl is Tweeting (she's sending out status updates of 140 characters or less through the social network site, Twitter)! Reichl plans to add an RSS feed to her Ruth Reichl website--"as soon as (her son) Nick comes home from school and does it for me" (RSS = Really Simple Syndication).

Reichl caught at my heart when she wrote of growing up in a strangely dysfunctional household where her manic-depressive mother made light of feeding guests moldy food at cocktail parties. But the magnificent sensations of taste are revealed to an adolescent Reichl when she's at the table of an elegant French family in Montreal. Foie gras, brie, and chocolate souffle entice her delighted mouth. Tender at the Bone even comes with recipes!

Sexy Eats

Comfort Me with Apples coverSensuality comes to the fore in Comfort Me with Apples. This is R-rated food writing when Reichl slides from restaurant table to hotel bed with men who are not her husband.

It's titillating and compelling; the reader gets glimpses of Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, and other California food luminaries. Perhaps the most shocking episode is the adoption of a baby girl with Reichl's second husband, only to have their beloved Gabriella reclaimed in an ugly legal battle.

So where is Ruth Reichl now? She's in New York, "writing, cooking, and catching up with friends..." Catch up with her, too, by checking out some of her books or just by cooking those delicious recipes posted on the Ruth Reichl website.


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