Diet for the New Year


Happening in Half Moon Bay

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography  We only have one adult program in January. We're letting people recover from the Holidays. On Friday the 15th Pamela McDonald will be appearing at 7pm to present an illustrated lecture with the title of "New Year New You."

Change Your Life!

Pamela is the author of The APO E Gene Diet. She'll be covering such topics as optimizing your health through nutrition and how to make your genetics work for you. Pamela has an APO E Gene Diet website where you can learn more about her and become acquainted with her latest research. Rest up! We have a lot more planned for February.


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a Half Moon Bay librarian who has lived and worked on the Coast for about 17 years. A former Air Force meteorologist, he is still a weather nut. His hobbies include photography and walking the Coastal Trail and his favorite quote right now is as follows: "Fortunately we're not in control." Willie Nelson

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