Hidden Treasure: For All The World War II Enthusiasts


Portola Valley Hidden Treasure

WWII photo by US Army
Our first hidden treasure may not ring everyone's chimes, but you World War II enthusiasts will love this one.

Did you know there is a tank museum right here in Portola Valley? The collector Jacques Littlefield spent 30 years collecting military items from around the world and restoring and preserving their history, including a fully restored Panther Ausf. A.

Although Jacques Littlefield passed away in January 2009, the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation oversees his collection of 220 military vehicles, including 66 tanks from late World War I through the 1980s.

Where to See It

The collection is housed at the Littlefield 475 acre ranch in Portola Valley, and tours are available to the public for a tax-deductible donation of $20.00.

Online Details

For more information, and pictures of the property and some of the vehicles, visit the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation website or Neil Mishalov's related webpage. Both provide all the information you'll need to find and enjoy this SMCO HIDDEN TREASURE.

The Hidden Treasures Journey Will Continue

I hope you will enjoy discovering hidden treasures in San Mateo County with me. The idea came to me over Thanksgiving dinner when an extended family member sat down and began telling me about the first "hidden treasure"....out of the blue. The following day, my girlfriend introduced me to another, and I thought, this is good. For someone who was born and raised in San Mateo County I am excited there are new and interesting places to go, and things to do, so close to home.

Author Bio:

Barbara S. is currently a Library Assistant for the Foster City Library. When asked to participate in the SMCO Library e-branch blog site, her immediate response was "yes". There was just one problem . . . she had no idea what a blog really was, since spending time "surfing the web" is not one of her favorite pastimes. That said, she decided that the opportunity to do something new, especially since it involved writing, was worth the time it would take to conquer the dreaded learning curve.


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