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Photo fo movie theatre seats by tvolFilm festival season is coming to the Bay Area and we’re lucky to have three big events. Festivals are a chance to see films before they find a distributor, to see world cinema that may never be released in the United States, and to meet directors, writers, producers, and yes, sometimes actors. Festivals are for people who think there’s nothing good on television. You get to see film as art, not just the big studio movies produced to pay the bills.

Cinequest, March 1 to March 13th

Cinequest is a fun, convenient festival that often has young talent. This year Bethany Hamilton is one of the speakers—she was the surfer who had her arm bit off by a shark. Yes, there’s now a film about her.

29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF), March 10-20th

Most of these films will never play in your local movie theatre. The SFIAAFF covers all of Asia, including India and Iran. There are also films made locally, set in familiar neighborhoods.

We have a great book on Asian film called Asian Cinema: A Field Guide by Tom Vick.

SF International Film Festival, April 21–May 5

Established in 1957, the SF International Film Festival is the longest running film festival in North America. The festival screens about 150 films and many live events. This is your best chance to see a big star.

The San Mateo County Library System offers movies on occasion as well. Currently we’re screening the short documentary Going on 13.

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Cynthia R is a librarian at Foster City. She’s looking forward to Hailee Steinfeld’s acceptance speech at the Oscars (fingers crossed!).

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