Love versus Hate


Round One
Heartbreaking through a "I hate you" letter.

If you do a keyword search in the library’s catalog for “love” you get 32,000 results. If you do a keyword search for “hate” you get 1078 results. If you do a keyword search for “love” and “hate” together then you get 360 results. Interestingly, if you search “love hate” you get a list that shows The Dream’s Love/Hate near the top of the list, but if you search “hate love” you get a completely different list that includes Cat Power’s The Greatest near the top. I like both of those CDs.

Love wins with 32,000 results.

Round Two

If you Google “love” you get 2,510,000,000 results. If you Google “hate” you get 182,000,000. If you Bing “love” you get 881,000,000 results. If you Bing “hate” you get 83,800,000. If you ask Haddaway  “what is love” they will most likely say “the best thing that ever happened to us!” If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you should watch A Night at the Roxbury.

Love dominates this round.

Round Three

If you do a title search for “love” in the library’s catalog and limit it to DVDs you get 957 results. If you do a title search for “hate” in the libraries catalog, limiting it to DVDs, you only get 27 results.

Love wins again.

Round Four:

If you Google “Valentine’s Day” you get 333,000,000 results. If you Google “I Hate Valentine’s Day” you 847,652,900,000,000 results! Shocking. Actually you only get 4,620,000 results. That’s kind of unfair though because the “Valentine’s Day” search would also include pages about hating Valentine’s Day and the “I Hate Valentine’s Day” search has to return less results because the “I” and the “hate” act as limiters in the query.

Valentine’s Day wins by about 329 million results.

Watch These Movies

I highly recommend Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love, one of the most beautiful, stylish, and romantic movies. It has a great soundtrack too.

If you are feeling a little aggro and want to punch a pillow then you might try watching La Haine, which is French for “The Hate.” Another solid movie. It features Vincent Cassel, who was also in Irreversible, a movie that is just as much about love as it is about hate (you have to watch the whole thing in order to find the love).


Author Bio:

Tommy M. prefers love.

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