Award Excitement


Photo of red carpet at the 2/28/88 Emmy Awards by Alan Light.The award season has begun and my favorite event will take place this Sunday, The Golden Globes. The fashion is a little more ambitious and free-spirited than the Oscars, the speeches a little more irreverent (helped along by the presence of alcohol), and there is an overall levity to the proceedings that I enjoy.

Get Invested

Nothing makes the show more entertaining than knowing the nominated work and not knowing if you will plunge into a rage when your favorite loses or erupt in elation when your hand-picked winner wins.

Made for Television

You may want to start with what never played in the theater in the first place. Check out the nominated You Don't Know Jack, Temple Grandin, The Special RelationshipPillars of the Earth, The Pacificor Emma. I'm especially interested in the Kevorkian biopic, though I suspect, at the very least, Claire Danes may be the chosen actor for her performance in Temple Grandin.

Films Available for Home Viewing

Many of the nominated movies are still playing at the movie house, but we do have a few for you at the library. They include the Italian film I Am Love, the comedy Easy A, the oft-acclaimed The Kids are All Right, the crime drama The Town, the compellingly odd Alice in Wonderland, the Ozark family drama Winter's Bone, and the science fiction film Inception.

Good Luck!

Have fun willing your favorite movies to win. The blogs will be taking a brief break and will resume publication on Monday 24 January.

Photo credit: Alan Light


Author Bio:

Carine Risley loves the Golden Globes, though they can become emotionally exhausting.

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