The Perils of Improvisational Baking


Photo of mixed batter by seelensturmA few years ago I had some fresh cranberries and fresh lemons on hand. Now, I could have done the sensible thing and made cranberry sauce and lemonade. Unfortunately, I had a craving for cake.

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I was too lazy to find a proper recipe that used those ingredients, so I used my regular brownie recipe, subtracted the cocoa, and added cranberries and lemon juice. I knew that something was amiss before the "cake" (if one can even dignify it with that word) had even finished baking. An odd sour smell was permeating the kitchen. The timer beeped, and I removed my creation from the oven.

Quarantine the "Cake"

Diseased was the only way to describe it. The surface was pale and sticky. The cranberries had turned the interior a strange mottled pink, and it had an unappetizing grainy texture.

Palate of Pity

Feelings of guilt compelled me to taste it. Somehow, it was even worse than I had expected. Drinking straight lemon juice would have been a more pleasant experience.

Into the garbage it went, as leaving it outside for the squirrels and raccoons would have constituted animal cruelty.

Pessimism Will Serve You Well

In short, if you decide to experiment with your baked goods, be prepared for things to go badly wrong. Find recipes, and learn more about baking in general, with these two books.

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Author Bio:

Erin M. still likes to experiment with her cooking, despite the dangers.

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