Adventures in Paris


Photo of Paris Skyline by TaylorMilesWhile browsing the New Nonfiction shelves I came across a book by Graham Robb, Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris.

It's the story of a city as told through the lives of some of its inhabitants: famous, infamous, or obscure. I was attracted to that approach. It's done well. Each chapter is its own story.

Another Well Done Paris Read

It reminded me of another book about Paris that I had enjoyed a few years earlier, The Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne.

Paris, DVD-Style

While on the subject I decided to look at a few travel films. A lot of Paris videos have been made and most are so-so. I've found a couple of good ones.

Paris City of Light  which looks at the city through the eyes of its artists and poets, and The Beauty of Paris which views the city through its cultural contributions.

There's Always More To Paris

If you're inspired, explore all our Paris-centric blogs.

Finally I concluded my research with a visit to the official Paris web page which has great links to everything Parisian. 

Photo Credit: TaylorMiles


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