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Photo of messy desk by ninahaleRecently, we focused on how to make writing an everyday practice. Authors tend to be an eclectic sort, but we aren't always the stereotypical disheveled artist (buried up to the neck in manuscripts/books in an office that looks as though a tornado has just come through).

There are many books dispensing advice on how to become a better writer, but few have the power to convince us that nothing is more important than putting aside time each day to write.

Procrastination: A Writer's Constant Friend

I will be the first to admit it: I putting off writing for most of the day to spend time on far less exciting things. I constantly remind myself that working on my writing practice is just as important as cleaning the bathroom, and that I simply need to manage my time better so that I can do both!

If Motivation Isn't Happening, You Can Always Read About It

Towards that end, you might want to read How I Write: The Secret Lives of Authors (edited by Dan Crowe with Philip Oltermann), The Practice of Writing (by David Lodge), and Unclutter Your Life in One Week (by Erin Rooney Doland).

Exploring Voice

The writing group will spend the next two weeks on the theme of “what is meant by the writer’s voice”. We will all be going on a field trip to attend an author reading at a bookstore, library, or literary festival taking place in the Bay Area.

Each member will write a short critique about the author and how well s/he read the work, paying special attention to how clear the writer’s voice is defined in the story. Take your own field trip and join us at our next meeting--or simply post your comments below.

Featured Books This Week

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Author Bio:

Josephine Villegas, a volunteer with the Brisbane library, has coordinated the 90 Minutes Writers Workshop as a way for the library to reach out to the writing community while also giving herself one less excuse for not working on her novel. Using her experience as a bookseller along with her enthusiasm for the creative writing process, she hopes that the participants will be able to leave each class with renewed inspiration and a new library book to keep them motivated! The workshop is open to writers of all levels: emphasis will be on exercises and discussions about breaking through writer’s block, rediscovering the writer’s voice, and over coming the anxiety that prevents the writer from submitting work for publication.

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