Dressing Like a Woman for the Ages


My sister recently saw a sign with this message on it (I’ve been shopping for 20 years and still don’t have anything to wear!) and took a picture next to it because it is sooooo true. It doesn’t matter how often I shop, I still feel that my wardrobe is inadequate. Something doesn’t fit right, it’s the wrong color, or doesn’t go with anything else I own. Fortunately, there is help. Here are my go to guides for putting outfits together.

Nina Garcia’s What to Wear for Every Occasion Look BookFirst Date! What Do I Wear?

Nina Garcia’s What to Wear for Every Occasion Look Book 

If you don’t already know, Nina Garcia is one of the judges on Project Runway as well as the fashion director of the magazine Marie Claire. Every chapter is divided up into different occasions. Want to know what to wear on a date, first day on the job, or while out shopping with friends?--this book will answer those questions and more.

Skinny Jeans--Is it a Yes or No?

The New Secrets of Style by editors of InStyle Magazine 

This book will help you figure out what works best for you. Did you know that people on the shorter side should avoid long boyfriend sweaters or that you should buy sunglasses based on the shape of your face? You will also find out how to match colors, accessorize, and shop in all the right places.

Va Va Voom or Peace, Love, and Tie-Dye?

The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style by editors of Lucky Magazine

Do you find yourself dressing more boho or are you a little more Euro chic? How about a combination of casual and bombshell? This book will help you find the perfect pieces for that style you want to convey.

So Stylish!

Style A to Zoe: the Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour by Rachel Zoe 

This is another favorite of mine. The suggestions are a little unrealistic for the common shopper, but she has great suggestions and Rachel Zoe is always fun. If you watch The Rachel Zoe Project, you know what I’m talking about. Bananas!


Author Bio:

Rebecca A. is a librarian who feels that reality shows are complete nonsense. Unless, of course, it’s the Rachel Zoe Project because that show is so obviously major.

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