A Funny French Tour


A Year in the Merde by Stephen ClarkeA Year in the Merde is a hilarious book about French stereotypes. It pokes fun at both British and French culture. It's a light comedy and an easy read that had me laughing.

It is a book with so many unbelievable coincidences (many of them romantic and sexual) that it truly is a farce. If you've ever found yourself having to deal with a different culture and a different language, you will sympathize with the main character of the book.

This book is really a great escape. And the most wonderful thing is that there are several more by the same author.

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Author Bio:

Mary Wilmes, Library Assistant at Half Moon Library, has lived in Half Moon Bay since 2000, raising a child, chickens, and home-made bread. She enjoys finding unusual books as well as knitting, learning Spanish, and playing guitar and piano when she is not reading non-fiction (history, science, medicine, autobiography, and fashion) and fiction.

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