WIC Clinic Outreach


WIC Clinic OutreachWhen families do not have access, are not familiar with, or do not feel comfortable going to the library, we bring library services to them. Library staff regularly visits the waiting room at county WIC (Women, Infant and Children) clinics which serves the lowest income families in the county with a food voucher program and offers many of the services families receive in the library. Additionally, library staff gives each child a free book, reads stories, registers new library users, talks about the services the library offers, and hands out a coupon to receive another free book at their next visit to the library. Many times an enthusiastic and personal invitation is all it takes to encourage people to visit the library and make them feel welcome.

Ways you can help:

For more information please contact Pamela Bilz at 650.312.5263 or at bilz@plsinfo.org.