Wowbrary Weekly Updates of New Materials


Sample Wowbrary screenI have a little secret to share with you! Every Saturday morning, I open an email from Wowbrary that lists all the new books, movies, and CDs that have been ordered for the Peninsula Library System-that includes all the public libraries in San Mateo County!

What Do I Do Next?

I put holds on all the new books, movies, and CDs I want. When the materials are received, I will be one of the first people to get the items! And, the libraries get the bestselling books and movies every bit as soon as the bookstores!

How Can You Get Wowbrary Too?

Go to Wowbrary. Put in your zipcode and press "Go". To get weekly e-mail notices, select "Peninsula Library System" and put your e-mail address in the boxes. For RSS feeds, click "RSS" next to "Peninsula Library System". Click a category you want such as "Cooking, Food & Wine", then click your preferred service such as Google. There will be instructions on how to sign-in for the service.

How Much Does it Cost to Get this Notification?

It's FREE! This is a free alert system. If you put a reserve (hold) on an item, there is a 75 cent charge made by the library. If you are under 18, the library will waive the fee!

What Does the Wowbrary Email Look Like?

The middle section of the Wowbrary email shows the top 20 items that have been ordered that week. Items include bestsellers, DVDs that will be released soon, CDs, and children's books. Each items includes a picture of the cover and a description. There is a box next to the title for more information or to put a hold on the book ("Borrow"). On the left column, you can click on your favorite categories such as DVDs, Computer & Internet, Health, Mind & Body, Mysteries & Thrillers, Children's Books, or Teen.

Now you know the best secret in town! Enjoy!

 * Note: Wowbrary lists items ordered by the libraries, whether new (and just-published) or replacement items of less recently published items.


Author Bio:

Marsi O.-R. is a youth services librarian at the Belmont Library. Ask her about Antarctica (cold), cooking (desserts are best), or math (E=mc2). She may not answer, but you can ask!


Wow is right!

I almost always find something new to put on hold. The only downside is the limit of 20 on the number holds!

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