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In Praise of Slowness by Carol HonoreIn our fast-paced society, In Praise of Slowness is a welcome book. Although it was written 6 years ago, the content is as relevant as ever. The author found himself rushing through bedtime with his 4-year old in tears, so he decided that something had to change.

Can Slowing Down Be Done?

This book is an account of his attempt at slowing down. The author begins by talking about the stigma of being slow and the history of how we came to be so fast. He found that there are movements, mostly in Europe, that rebel against the urge to forge ahead and the book addresses, chapter by chapter, different aspects of everyday life where we can slow down.

There is Something for Everyone

It is not a prescription for huge life-style changes that aren’t available to most people. I think that anyone can take something away from what the author wrote and apply it to his/her own lives. Of course, the extremes of slowness are also explored, which I found a little hilarious, such as the concert that will take over 600 years to complete, longer than the life of the composer! Only a few notes are played at a time followed by long rests.

Small Things, Big Results

The author found that something as simple as driving at the speed limit can create a change in attitude that is carried over in other areas. We become less hurried and thus less stressed. Really tasting our food, improved family life, and even pain-relief are some of the things that can result from slowing down.

Reading This Book Will Make You Feel Good

Just the process of reading this book made me feel less hurried and more relaxed, and I hope that I won’t forget that feeling even long after putting the book down. The author really makes a point of what is important in life.


Author Bio:

Angela Luis is currently a children's librarian and was a chemist in a previous life. She loves working with children and one of her favorite parts of the job is booking programs. She loves to hear the stories of how the performers came to do what they do.


Slow reading

Thanks! I just read a neat article in Newsweek about this:

(If the link doesn't work, try the June 23 issue.) You might want to review John Miedema's book, Slow Reading, in your next post! Although we don't seem to have it in the catalog yet. Well, when I get around to requesting it, and if the library system gets it, then you might want to review it. But take your time!

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