The Numbers Game


Picture of the Woodside Library

With all these dismal budgetary figures floating around in the news, I thought I’d take a look at some quirky numbers at Woodside Library:

  1. Hitching post (yep, vestige of Woodside’s “horse-y” atmosphere).
  2. Photo of kites at Woodside LibraryHuge green kites that float, suspended in the rafters.
  3. Other multi-colored cloth winged creatures which catch the eye.
  4. Fake owls to deter birds from crashing into our huge expanses of glass windows (nope, doesn’t work!).
  5. Computer stations for the public, although WiFi access is available throughout so people with laptops can choose to enjoy our unique and beautiful native plants garden in the back as they work.
  6. Display areas, including a 15 foot bulletin board, to keep topics fresh and full of pizzazz.

More numbers to contemplate...

      35.   Playaways waiting for check-out--these marvelous little
              audio books in a box!

      83.   Smiling faces at musical storytimes twice on Wednesday mornings.

At least 139 reasons to visit Woodside Library at 3140 Woodside Road someday soon . . .


Author Bio:

As a member of two book clubs, Karen Y. reads frantically, looking for structure, meaning, and the author's intent. Materials related to Japan, food, arts and crafts, travel, and style attract her like a magnet.

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