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The Time Traveler's Wife movie posterI am a movie buff. I, like most people, dread when a favorite novel is turned into a movie. The movie is rarely as good as the book, but there are some exceptions.

Jane Austen

There have been many adaptations of Ms. Austen's works. I have seen my fair share of them. My favorite of her novels, and the resulting film, is Pride and Prejudice. While I still admire Greer Garson's (1940) performance as Lizzy Bennett in Pride and Prejudice, I think my favorite Mr. Darcy performance is Colin Firth in the BBC 2001 version of Pride and Prejudice.

Joy Luck Club

Another of my favorite books turned into film is the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I think it helps when the original author writes the screen play. I thought the casting and the performances were exceptional, and the film stands the test of time.

What Are Your Recent Favorite Films from Books

There have been a flood of recent films based on books . . .

Children's Books into Film

For a discussion of children's books turned into films, see my previous blog post Children's Books into Film in the Kids Voices blog section.


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