Perfect Pairings


Photo of books, CDs, and headphones.Pairing your reading material with an appropriate listening selection will greatly enhance your enjoyment of both. Below is a brief selection of library materials, and the bands that go with them.

  • It by Stephen King.

 This horror novel is one of Stephen King's classics, written about a group of young children plagued by encounters with monsters in their hometown. All of the monsters turn out to be manifestations of the shapeshifting creature It, who turns into whatever it is its victim fears the most. One of these manifestations is a clown. The novel was listed as the greatest-selling American book in 1986.

It is Best Paired With . . .

Pennywise, a punk rock band from California that formed two years after It was written. This high-energy band and the album From the Ashes have remained a cornerstone of the punk rock scene from 1988 to the present, despite the suicide of their bass player and the loss of their original lead singer. They take their name from Pennywise the Clown, the name of the monster in King's book.

includes an episode called "Eve." This episode is about a cloning experiment in which a eugenics program was undertaken to mold super soldiers. The boys in this program were called "Adam" and the girls were named "Eve." One of the subjects of the program is named Eve 6.

X-Files is Best Paired With . . .

That excellent episode is best paired with Eve 6,  a California pop punk band who named themselves after the X-Files character because of Eve 6's remark about biting a guard's eyeball. Although the band broke up in 2004, they partially reunited in 2007 with two of the three original members. Their self-titled album went platinum, and the subsequent album was certified gold.

This imaginative children's book was made into a popular movie of the same name, revolving around a boy named Bastian, who finds he has become a character in a magical book. While trying to save the land from a destructive darkness, he comes across another character, a young warrior named Atreyu.

The Never Ending Story  is Best Paired With . . .

Atreyu,  a hardcore metal band hailing from Orange County, California. While parents may not approve of this band for their children, metal fans will never watch The Never Ending Story again without hearing lyrics like "I watched my aspirations crash into the ground/on the backs of the angels that I've slain" screamed out in anger. This music adds a touch of energy to an otherwise melancholy children's story.

Neuromancer is considered a classic science fiction novel. Fact is it spawned an entirely new genre--cyberpunk. The novel follows a washed-up hacker as he is recruited to help break into the orbital refuge of an extremely rich family.

Neuromancer is Best Paired With . . . 

Straylight Run, a band that started as a side project by members of Taking Back Sunday. They originally had four members, including a female vocalist, but were reduced to three after the release of their last album. They have now gone on indefinite hiatus. Their indie rock sound is a nice counterpoint to the grim dystopia of William Gibson's novel. The band named themselves after the final chapter of Neuromancer.

The Jim Henson/Lucasfilm movie starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, is a fairy-tale about a girl who loses her brother to the King of the Goblins and must travel through the goblins' labyrinth in order to save him.

Labyrinth is Best Paired With . . . 

No, not David Bowie. Labyrinth includes a character named Ludo, who is a big, dumb, yeti-like creature, from whom the band Ludo take their name. Their obsession with fantasy and sci-fi can be seen in their EP Broken Bride which is about a man who travels back in time to save his wife from a car crash, fighting zombies and pterodactyls in the effort.


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