Family Literacy of Ravenwood (FLOR) (中文版)

Based in East Palo Alto, San Mateo County READS provides family and basic English literacy classes to parents of the Ravenswood school district.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who understands and speaks “some” English


Green Oaks Academy
Parent Center - Room 35
2450 Ralmar St – East Palo Alto


  • We provide bi-weekly basic English literacy classes (grammar – writing -spelling…).
  • We offer computer classes throughout the year at Green Oaks and at the East Palo Alto library.
  • We organize family literacy events and field trips.


Our program provides long-term support for the entire family as its members develop literacy skills and work towards educational goals.

We promote the value of education for success in life and the central role of the parent in a child’s development.