National Card and Letter Writing Month


Writing letter photo by kpwerkerIt started April 1 and continues through May 9 (Mother's Day)--this is the span of dates officially designated National Card and Letter Writing Month.


According to Chase's Calendar of Events this is

"an annual effort to promote literacy and celebrate the art of letter writing. The writing, sending and receiving of letters, postcards and greeting cards is a tradition that has preserved our nation's history and changed lives. Unlike other forms of communication, card and letter writing is timeless, personal and immediately tangible."

Make Someone Feel Good!

I remember the fun of sitting down with brand new stationary and writing a 5-page letter to a friend, or better yet--receiving a long letter from a friend. I would read it over and over again.

Help is Here

Whether you want to write a personal or business letter, here are some titles to check out:

Photo Credit: kpwerker/ Kim Piper Werker


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Reeba Lynn is a Pacifica Public Services Librarian who has been a resident of Pacifica for 30 years.

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