Millbrae Library Film Club: The Babadook


 Who wants to go to the movies? The Film Club screens and discusses entertaining and thought-provoking movies every month at the Millbrae Library. Whether you're a cinephile or you just want to try something new, Film Club has something for everyone. Admission is free to the general public and refreshments will be provided. Make your next night out a Film Club night!

The Millbrae Film Club will be screening Jennifer Kent's debut film, The Babadooka masterpiece of psychological horror. A recently widowed mother is trying to maintain a stable household while taking care of her behaviorally unstable son, who insists that a mysterious entity called "the Babadook" is stalking them both. It is only when she begins to see signs of this strange creature that she realizes she must confront both the Babadook and the darkness that lies deep in her mind."*

Please be aware that film club is for mature audiences only, and that The Babadook itself is an especially intense film.


Martes, 08/11/15 at 7:00 pm
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Kajah Ram
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