In Concert With Jean Baudin


Jean Baudin, known for his unique, melodic compositions and versatile technique, is one of the world's most celebrated extended-range bass players. Baudin has recorded and performed across the US, Europe and Japan, including shows alongside renowned bass soloists Stu Hamm and Michael Manring.

Domingo, 10/19/14 at 2:00 pm
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San Carlos
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Jean Baudin is AMAZING

I first heard Jean Baudin playing out front of Peet's Coffeeshop on Laurel St., San Carlos, 2 years ago during Farmers Market. His unique sound is so wonderful, amazing, really draws you in. It was so fun to see how people would come to see what was making this incredible sound. They'd all ask, "What IS that you are playing?" =-) At that time, he had 2 CDs, both of which I purchased immediately. I have a few faves, but all in all, if you like creative instrumental music, space music, even meditative music, this is for you.

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