An Evening with Author Ripudaman Malhotra


Ripudaman Malhotra, author of A Cubic Mile of Oil, will speak about his book, oil consumption, conservation and the viability of alternate energy sources.

Book Description: Currently, the world consumes approximately one cubic mile of oil (CMO) each year. In the coming decades, the world's energy consumption--from all sources--will grow from three CMO to between six and nine CMO. This book describes the ways in which the world's various energy sources are currently used and assesses if and how these sources can meet future demand. The authors discuss how each resource on its own could be developed to annually produce the equivalent of one cubic mile of oil, and propose ways in which we can improve both our conservation measures and the efficiency of our consumption to meet future demand.

Jueves, 04/03/14 at 6:00 pm
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Portola Valley
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Author Program

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