The Best Shows You're Not Watching


Looking for a TV show packed with mystery and thorny questions? Try these two gems on for size:

Orphan Black

In the Canadian series Orphan Black, punk-rock Sarah Manning is on the run from a no-good ex who just won't take "we're over" for an answer. Her only goals are to get her seven-year-old daughter Keira back, and to find some money to support their new life somewhere the dreaded ex can't find them. But on her way to New York, Sarah sees the unbelievable: a woman who looks just like her, down to the very freckle, puts down her handbag, takes off her shoes, and walks right in front of an oncoming train. Sarah's shocked, but she also sees a window of opportunity.

Sarah nabs the dead lookalike's handbag, intent on impersonating her just long enough to wipe out her bank accounts. After all, Sarah figures, the dead woman isn't going to need the money anymore and Sarah and her seven-year-old will. But Sarah can't stop wondering why they looked so alike, why her doppelganger wanted to commit suicide - and is someone following her? Her lookalike seems to be in the middle of something big, and Sarah's already involved much more than she thinks.

Check out the trailer for Orphan Black:

Top of the Lake

If a classic mystery is more your style, try the New Zealand miniseries Top of the Lake. Elisabeth Moss (of Mad Men fame) stars as Detective Robin Griffin, who has come home to visit her ailing mother but gets wrapped up in the mysterious disappearance of a twelve-year-old pregnant girl, Tui. The missing Tui isn't officially Robin's case, but Robin finds herself called to it, and in the course of investigating she discovers that this small New Zealand town is positively drowning in secrets. Moss has been nominated for an Emmy for her performance, and it's not hard to see why. Fans of Twin Peaks will love this story.

Here's the sneak-preview for Top of the Lake


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Chelsey is on pins and needles waiting for season two of Orphan Black.

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