What Makes a Great Cookbook?


What makes a good cookbook?What makes a great cookbook? Big, hunger-inducing color photos? A famous Food Network author? Ethnic authenticity? Personal stories about the author’s relationship to food and cooking?

Chat with Special Guests

On Tuesday, July 9 at 7pm, join us at the Foster City Library to discuss these and other questions about cookbooks and the art of cooking with two very special guests. Celia Sack owns and operates San Francisco’s Omnivore Books -- a bookstore devoted entirely to food and drinks. Foster City resident Coleen Simmons has co-authored several books on everything delicious-- tapas, grilled meats, pasta, fondue, wine pairing, ice cream, and more.

Submit Your Own Recipes

The Foster City Library is currently asking patrons for recipes to put in a community cookbook, so this will be a perfect opportunity to get ideas on how to write up your personal recipe so that others can recreate your favorite meals.

Speaking of food, we’ll have some light snacks to enjoy as we talk. We’ll see you there!

What Makes a Great Cookbook? A Conversation (SMCL Event page | Facebook Event page )
Tuesday July 9, 7pm
Foster City Library
1000 East Hillsdale Blvd.
Foster City, CA 94404

For more information, please email.


Author Bio:

Chris Gray sometimes enjoys cooking food more than he does eating it.

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