What is a Cronut?


The cronut is big news. Never heard of a cronut? Dominique Ansel of New York City has trademarked the name, which is a cross between a croissant and a donut. Read details on the eponymous bakery creation.

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Having launched the product in May 10, 2013, it has become the most talked about dessert on the internet. People line up for hours before the bakery opens, and there is now a strict 2 cronut limit at the bakery on this hot commodity, as people were reselling them for ridiculous amounts of dough. (Excuse the pun.)

The cronut is so popular, bakeries around the world are scrambling to create something to jump on the bandwagon. I came across this article, for example. Alas, nothing in the Bay Area. Yet.

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You can do your own research too. I have not been able to locate a similar product around these parts, but if you hear of one, feel free to bring one to the Atherton Library with my name on it. Or maybe I will just try and make my own version.

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DeAnn O. lived in New York City for over 4 years, and has never had a cronut.

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