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Lucky PeachIf you're a fan of food then chances are you've heard about the new food magazine Lucky Peach, a quarterly magazine published by Momofuku's award-winning chef David Chang and writer Peter Meehan. But since the specialty journal, which The Atlantic called “maybe the most original and best new food magazine," probably isn't carried by your local grocer and its $10/issue price tag is a little more steep than your typical magazine, you may not have had a chance to really read it yet. Luckily you can read each new issue of Lucky Peach at the San Mateo County Library!

Each issue focuses on a single theme and is jam-packed with travelogues, essays, art, photography, recipes and more, and will appeal to foodies, readers, and art fans alike.


Author Bio:

Brighid Gonzales is a Brisbane Library intern and library student.


Local feature

Thanks to your blog I checked out the Spring 2013 issue, and enjoyed the article about "The Most Beautiful Taco Bell in the World". San Mateo County coastsiders will know exactly where that is! Hint: Two SMCL branches are located in this city.

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