“Allons-y” or “Let’s Go”


My Afternoons With Margueritte La Tête En FricheMake sure that you can see subtitles on your screen, and check out two French films we really enjoyed. My Afternoons with Margueritte stars a very huge Gerard Depardieu as a bumbling, not too bright laborer. It’s a love story with a 95-year-old woman whom he meets in the park, a paen to friendship, books, and the beauty of the written word. This is a low-key film, but touching and quite wonderful.

Note of candor

I am a Depardieu fan from way back so I was stunned to see him in a cameo in Life of Pi as the evil cook, slovenly and rude and mean. I would prefer the actor as depicted in a recent series of photos on his property in France, larger than life but still full of joie de vivre.

The IntouchablesRare to find a “feel good” film

More in the Hollywood buddies film vein, The Intouchables, too, focuses on improbable affection. This relationship is between a rich paraplegic and the black Senegalese immigrant he hires as his caretaker. Several reviewers have been critical of the simplistic, or even “racist” portrayal of Driss, the profane guy who likes women, fast cars, and loud dance music, but I found the interaction between the two men funny and appealing.


Author Bio:

With a son and a (French-speaking expatriate) daughter-in-law in the film business, Karen Y. is always looking for movies that might resonate with them. Usually, the Hollywood couple has already seen them months before at premieres, film festivals, Sundance, or on their Roku.


Gerard Depardieu

Nice to see those photos of him in France, but he has now become a Russian citizen, allegedly to save on taxes. His next movie will be filmed in Chechnya, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

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