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Photo of King Richard III.You may have seen the recent story about the identification of the long-lost remains of Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England, who ruled for two years, from 1483-1485. He was the last English king to be killed in battle, his end coming by way of Henry Tudor (also known as Henry VII, father of the much-married Henry VIII) and his soldiers at the Battle of Bosworth.

King Richard has been best known in the 500 years since his death as the monstrous hunchback of Shakespearean myth, the murderer of the Princes in the Tower, a scheming usurper and a tyrant. Or was he a good king, unjustly vilified by the Tudors and their supporters, who wanted to bolster Henry VII's weak claim to the throne?

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Historical Fiction

No discussion of Richard III is complete without a mention of Shakespeare's play, which has done so much to shape opinion over the centuries. Look for the classic adaptation by Laurence Olivier. Another excellent version stars Ian McKellan, and is set in 1930s Britain.

More information on the search for Richard III's lost grave can be found at the University of Leicester website.


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Erin M's BA degree was in history, with a focus on medieval Europe. Naturally she is obsessed with this story.

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