January is National Hobby Month!


Photo of man with hobby of building rockets by jurvetson.Did you know that practicing a hobby can lead you to live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life? Hobbies have been known to decrease anxiety and provide increased concentration levels over time. To celebrate this month, you should go out and try a new hobby, or take your current hobby to the next level. The following books may spark your interest in a new hobby or advance your skill in a hobby you currently have.

Books to Get You Started...or make you a pro

The Principles of Knitting: Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting
by June Hemmons Hiatt
Knitting is one of the most popular and cherished hobby. If you like to use your hands and create, you may want to try your hand at knitting. If you are a beginner or advanced knitter, try this book. If you find you enjoy knitting, consider coming to the Atherton, Brisbane, Pacifica Sanchez, or San Carlos Library to join a knitting group and meet fellow knitters.

Sixty Tips for Creaive iPhone Photography
by Martina Holmberg
With a plethora of smart phones and portable technology available, many people have discovered the joy of photography without even having to pick up a traditional “point and shoot” or SLR camera. If you have an interest in photography, but aren’t willing to make the expensive step of purchasing your very own camera, then you may want to read this. This book is designed for beginners to get their feet wet in the world of photography and offers basic techniques such as cropping photographs, adjusting flash settings, and using apps to display the photographs. The book also offers vital information to improving artistic senses, including properly creating depth, using light and space, and developing an eye for taking pictures in everyday life.

Get a Hobby!: 101 All-Consuming Diversions for Any Lifestyle
by Tina Barseghian
If you aren’t sure what hobby to choose or where exactly your interests lie, this book will help you choose the most compatible hobby based on your personality traits. In it, you'll find a variety of hobbies for any and all personality types, including starter projects for you to try.

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