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Photo of "To the Modern American Homemaker" a recipe book for the GE Electric Refrigerator.From Best Sellers to Recipes for Your Electric Refrigerator

The Friends of the Half Moon Bay Library, like many other Friends groups in our system, have an ongoing book sale in which books donated by generous community members are available at bargain prices. In addition to recent best sellers, one can sometimes find something that is a little bit out of the ordinary.

Last week I chanced upon this beauty, Electric Refrigerator Recipes and Menus Specially Prepared for the General Electric Refrigerator. The color illustrations are a delight, and the menus provide a strong suggestion that at least one member of the family is spending a lot of time at home cooking and possibly getting hammered on 1927 vintage bootleg scotch (my speculation). But the point is, if you're going in search of the weird and wonderful, maybe the Friends’ bookshelf is a good place to start.

The Friends Bookstore

Some branches even have Friends Bookstores. The Friends groups do a lot to support their various branches. Some even have their own websites. In addition to supporting programs, they also promote support within the community.

So, if you're looking for some friends to hang out with, why not stop by your branch and ask about the Friends?


Author Bio:

Joe Toschik is a Public Services Librarian in Half Moon Bay.

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